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   Zspectrum Design Innovations provides a complete range of services to perform market assessment, design, manufacture, commercialisation, and support of electromechanical equipment.

   The range of equipment that our company specialises in includes:
       Process control
       Consumer equipment

   A methodic approach is used for product comercialisation:
       Idea research and marketing feasibility evaluation
       Product Specification
       Mechanical design
       Electrical design (schematics & pcb's)
       Industrial design
       Software development
       Graphic design
       Packaging design
       Product labelling
       Three dimensional simulation of the assembled equipment
       Prototype testing
       Equipment functional test
       Manufacturing package release
       Testing to Australian, European, or USA standards for safety and EMI
       Intellectual property
       Product support
       Marketing and advertising

  Our Electronic capabilities include:
       Electronic simulation
       Pcb's, panelisation (gerber)
       Bills of Materials (BOM's)
       Expertise with Altium (Protel), Camtastic, Spice

  With software design expertise in:
       Windows based applications
       GUI programming (display, keyboard, mouse, etc)
       Process control
       Image analysis
       Internet based applications using Java
       Network control applications
       Port communications (RS232, RS485, I2C, PCI, ISA, Modbus, etc)

  Our mechanical capabilities encompass:
       CNC machining (Vertical machining centre, 640mmWx600mmDx500mmH).
       Direct driving of CNC machine from design files via EdgeCAM, which can work
           with native files from Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, Solidworks, SolidEdge,
           Parasolid, and others.
       Mould design (silicon, injection, etc).
       Design and integration of assemblies of moving parts, including linear drives,
           motors, belt and pulley applications, gear wheels, and others.
       Integration of optical systems including lens design and ray tracing.
       Precision mechanical design.
       Packaging design (cardboard, timber, foam).
       Stress analysis.
       Expertise with the latest software tools for advanced 2D and 3D modelling:
           Solid Works, Inventor, and EdgeCAM.

  Our graphic design capabilities involve:
       Label and decal design, colour or black and white
       Graphics for packaging
       Brochures and publicity
       Logo design
       Expertise with Adobe Illustrator, and PhotoShop

  Wide range of Word & Data Processing capabilities:
       Product Specifications
       Design and Service manuals
       Functional Tests
       Test Plans
       Marketing Briefs
       Feasibility Studies
       Design Reviews
       Instruction sheets
       Data Bases

  We can work with clients to identify innovative ideas, draft invention disclosures in preparation for the filing of patent applications, and liase with patent attorneys in the filing of patent applications.  We can organise prior art searches, and assist in the evaluation of the patentability and competitive strengths of inventions with respect to the patent landscape.  We can also work with our clients to coordinate identification and assessment of potential infringement problems, request freedom-to-operate studies, and seeking product clearances where appropriate.

  Our company can organise assistance on trademark assessment, evaluation, and registration, for the Australian, European and the USA markets—lodging registration through a trademark Attourney.

  Our close relationship with manufacturing, test, and service companies, allow us to offer a complete service for commercialisation, design, manufacture, and product support, from the concept phase to the product support phase.