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    Zspectrum Design Innovations offers a full solution for the commercialisation of new product and equipment, from the concept phase, to the support of installed product.

    Our company has expertise in the electrical, electronic, software, mechanical, graphic, documentation, patenting, packaging, and trademark areas involved in the design, development, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing of equipment.  Designs can be tailored for the Australian, European, and USA markets, for AS, CE, and UL approval requirements of consumer, industrial or medical equipment.

    The aquaintance of our members with modern technologies and shapes enable us to design products with high levels of technical performance as per the agreed specifications, and which look modern and aesthetic, boxed in attractive, impacting, and cost effective packaging.

    We can provide help and guidance from the very early concept stage, through to the release of a manufacturing package to a manufacturer, to product maintenance and support, including marketing and advertising aspects of the commercialisation of your product.  

    Our close liaison with ISO9001 qualified manufacturing and test facilities, enable our clients to offer a very high level of quality in their product.

    Our members are contract electronic, electrical, mechanical, and software engineers, supported by graphic designers, industrial designers, technical writers, technicians, marketers, and advertisers.

    Zpectrum Design Innovations is a 100% Australian owned company.



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